Daddy’s Princess

It was Friday and Vex was with his friends as they were typing code for a C++ program they were developing. They went on a quick break and one of his friends named Adam said something that sounded dirty, and Vex, being the dirty boy he was, said, “Oh yeah, that sounds like the typical […]


If you have been keeping up with our latest stories, you know how rough we can get with each other. Fucking each other like we hate one another is how we show our love… if that makes any sense. Lexy loves to get manhandled by Vex so much that she opened up to him about […]

Vex Loves Lexy!

One thing that Vex always told Lexy from when he sensed they’d be seeing each other for a while, was that he’d never say that he loves her. Don’t get him wrong, he cares for his woman, but he views the whole “love” thing as something cheesy, meant for those equally cheesy love stories in […]