Look Into My Eyes, Baby….

Hey everyone. Vex and I have been really busy with school, work, family, and a bunch of other stuff lately. That’s why we haven’t posted any stories since Halloween. Whenever we can, we’ll be sure to get some stories up for you all. This story includes the word of the day, Temptation. I hope you enjoy! 

One of the many things that Lexy likes about Vex is his eyes. They’re dark much like his sexy, tough body, and his jet black long hair that she loves to grab and pull while he pounds her tight pussy. Vex hatched an evil idea one night when he was lying down, planning what to do with her the next time they did it. He thought, “My eyes. I bet I can entrance her into being my personal sex toy.” He chuckled and went to bed.

The next morning he woke up and realized he had a wet dream because his underwear was a bit stained. He laughed as his dick began to rise, “Woah, I guess I’m getting excited…” He thought of Lexy’s sexy lips and feet wrapped around his thick dark cock and began to beat it. He moaned and breathed silently while he imagined Lexy bouncing on his cock and he felt himself about to cum after 7 minutes of jacking it. He stopped, “No, this load should be for her.” So he gave his cock a rest and got up to take a shower.

Across town Lexy was thinking of her daddy. She tingled and got wet while she thought of him just like she did when they first met. She got horny and even though she wasn’t touching herself, she had orgasms thinking of him fucking her. It’s like she could feel the thickness of his shaft stretching her out and she couldn’t get him out of her mind for a while. Until then, her legs continued to twitch as she leaked out more liquids, wanting him to stick his cock inside of her and pound away like she owed him money.

Later that day, she got a call from Vex and she answered and he always said something goofy. This time he said a line from the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, “JoJo! This is the last of my hamon! TAKE IT FROM MEEEEE!” She laughed and yelled out, “Caeeeesaaar!!!” They both shared a laugh and he asked if she was up to anything, and she began to blush as she answered in a cute way, “Nooooooo, I’m not busssyyyy. Why?” He made her tingle with his deep voice, “Because I wanna give you a pounding…” She giggled and began to touch herself, “Mmm. Yeah, you should come over and fuck me daddy.” Before they hung up Vex told her that he had something special planned and she awaited the knock on her door.

She heard a knock on her door and she ran to the door and opened it expecting Vex, but it was Amber and J.C. She felt her heart sink but she greeted them anyway. “Hey Lexy, you wanna come over? We’re gonna watch some movies.” The temptation Lexy has been feeling for her man all day was too great. So she denied them and said that Vex was coming over soon and then they became disappointed and J.C. got jealous. “Ugh. Him?” Then they heard a yell, “What gives, J.C.? I thought you were over Lexy, but that mighty big scoff tells me you’re still a salty cuck!” Amber was ditzy, “A cuck, what’s that?” Vex was a bad boy, “Oh, it means handsome man, no worries.” She laughed as she fell for the obvious ruse and J.C. was emasculated yet again.

Vex felt bad so he gave them a genuine farewell, and Lexy looked at him silently. He laughed and shrugged, “What?? You know he had it coming, he’s so mean to you. Can you please forgive me?” He leaned in and she got a good look at his dark eyes, and she sunk deeper and deeper into them. She didn’t answer him, she only looked into his eyes and was lost in them like she was entranced by a sorcerer. Vex smiled, “So my entrancing powers are working… time to put them to good use.”

He caressed her cheek, “Aww, so precious… How about we go to the bedroom? I’ll fuck you just right once we get out of these clothes.” She answered, “Yes daddy. Let’s go so you can fuck me just right once we get out of our clothes.” They were in her room now and he ripped off his shirt and he looked at her again, “You’re gonna strip naked for me now, and tell me that you’re a good girl.” She did as he commanded. She took off her shirt and her huge titties bounced around in the air. Vex was getting rock solid as she began to take off her pants. She let out a moan and said what he wanted her to say, “I’m a good girl, daddy…”

He told her, “Get over here and touch my abs while you make your way down to my dick and suck it.”

She walked up next to him and felt his shoulders and then his hard abs while she continued to get down to her knees. Once she was down there she unbuttoned his pants and his dick came flying out. It hit her in the face and she began to suck him off.

She put the whole thing in her mouth and jacked him while she sucked, she was soaking her floor with the pussy juices, and Vex had her look up at him. She looked up and he said, “Look into my eyes, baby…” She looked into his dark gaze and was still under his spell as he said, “You’re gonna deep throat me now, and when you can’t take my dick anymore, you can come up for air.” She nodded, “Yes daddy. I’ll deep throat you until I can’t take it…”

She stuck it back inside her tight mouth and he had her give him the best hummer of his life while she deep throated. “Oh, baby, fuck yeah… just like that…” She gagged on him and pulled away for air, she coughed and gasped, “Oh, daddy…  your cock feels so good going down my throat.” He laughed mischievously, “Mm. Yeah? I bet you want me to fuck your tight pussy.” She answered, “Yes daddy, please fuck me. Show me who’s boss, Vex.”

He stood her up and turned her around and then bent her over on the bed. Her pussy was overflowing with sex juices and his monster cock was now thrusting in and out very roughly, making her juice splash everywhere. He was grunting like a demon and yelled, “FUCK! YEAH! Scream out loud for your daddy, girl! Let him know how much you like getting fucked!” She screamed so loud that even J.C. and Amber could hear them next door, “YA DADDY! Fuck my pussy up, daddy! AH!!! FUCK ME FUCK ME! HARDER!”

He grunted like a mad man, “AGH! URGH! MM! UNGH!” She met every deep grunt with a satisfying moan as she began to squirt nonstop. He flipped her over and had her wrap her legs around him and pull him closer as he pounded away. She never stopped cumming or screaming while her tight, wet pussy got pounded extremely. Vex loved every second of her screaming and started laughing like a villain who stumbled upon a valuable that was his for the taking. Similar to what a villain would do to treasure, Vex grabbed onto Lexy’s neck and started to steal her breath away. Her face was now getting red for two reasons. First, Vex was giving her semi-rough chokes, and second, her pussy was on the verge of breaking from the rough sex she was getting.

She stopped screaming, but she was now letting out squeaky moans and still saying, “Harder daddy… keep fucking your little princess… ahh.” He wasn’t trying to kill her, so after a bit of choking and smashing his balls against her asshole while he pounded her on top, he got off of her and wanted her to ride the huge load he has for her out of him.

She was still under his spell, so he said one last command before he lifted it. He said in a very deep, authoritative voice, “Look into my eyes, baby. You’re going to get on top of me. It’s your choice on how you want to bounce on my cock, but be a good girl and make your daddy cum for you. Got it?” She thought about straddling that cock and started drooling a bit, but she slurped it up and said, “Yes daddy, I want you to cum inside me… and I think I want to ride you cowgirl style and have you watch my titties bounce while you give me your cum.” He laid back, “Good girl, now get over here.”

She sat on top of him and let out an uncontrollable loud moan as his head was hitting her g-spot while she sat down and arched her back. She bounced on him at a medium pace and her humongous tits were bouncing as well. It’s like Vex was now the one being hypnotized… into cumming for her. He didn’t want to cum yet, so he grunted trying to hold it, “URGHHHH!” This groan rattled Lexy from head to toe and she squirted all over him. “Daddy, I want you to kiss me.” She brought her face close and her lips connected with his. They were making out while she twerked her ass all over his cock. He got hornier and began to spank her.


She yelped while she kissed him. He spanked her again, and her lips smacked off of his for a bit as she had to scream. She went back down to kiss him more and she felt his right hand push her head down and she felt his left hand coming down on her like the wrath of God falling on a poor unfortunate.

They locked lips and began giving each other tongue while he spanked her harder and faster while they made out. Then he let go of her head and said, “FASTER HONEY! Make your daddy cum!” She leaned back again, ‘YES DADDY! Fuck me! Cum inside of my pussy daddy! Please Vex, I’m gonna cum for you so hard! Cum…. please cum, Vex….. Ah.. AH! I’m!-” Vex and Lexy said the next word together at the top of their lungs, “CUUMMMMINNNG!!!!” Vex shot a huge load inside of her and Lexy blasted out pussy juice and they were still fucking.

“Don’t stop daddy! Keep fucking me! AH! I’m still cumming for you, oh, please, keep going!!!” He responded to his love, “I won’t! Keep coming for me sweetie while I pump my semen inside of you! Feel it go so fucking deep, baby! OH FUCK!” They both screamed and it’s like they’re movements locked up and then Lexy fell backwards onto the bed and Vex’s body relaxed and he pulled his cock out of her. He saw the massive creampie coming out of her. They were both sweaty and hotter than Hell itself. Lexy opted to turn up the fan speed, but her legs failed, all she could do was moan and gasp as she felt her body go limp, and Vex was groaning, “Aghhhhh… oh fuuuuuuuh….” He couldn’t finish saying the word, but he managed to throw his body across the bed and lie next to her.

He was now beside her, “I’ll release my seduction spell now, my love.” She was now released from his sexy eyes, “Oh God, Vex… what did you do to me? I was awake the whole time we were fucking but it’s like my muscles were bound to everything you said. I loved it so much though…mm, and I love you too.”

They kissed and laughed. Vex said, “Do you think they heard us?” She giggled, “Oh my, I really don’t know. I hope not because it’ll be soooo embarrassing!” Vex likes it when J.C. gets insecure about this, so he was happy about that, and not only that, but he was happy that he was with such a beautiful, smart, and sexy woman. They smiled at each other and waited for their strength to come back so they can get up and maybe go watch a movie with them. Maybe even create a little temptation in her friends with their lewd behavior. 

~~~The End

Damn right I’m happy for Lexy.  I’ve come to really be happy that she’s tolerated a grade A nut case like me! Haha! I hope you enjoyed this story, we’ve been getting rough and tough with each other lately and nothing makes my cock rise like a building more than Lexy’s cute screaming. Thank you for reading, leave a comment and keep cumming back for more!


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